Manuel Gilávalos, Guadalajara, 1966

Obras y series de Manuel Gilávalos


Manuel Gilávalos, originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, and born in the vibrant decade of the seventies, has cultivated a diverse and captivating artistic career throughout his life. His creative journey began at an early age, when at age 8 his maternal grandmother encouraged him to create a piece of art for his mother. This early moment sparked his passion for painting.

The work of Manuel Gilávalos stands as a colorful and nostalgic homage to the Mexican folklore of past decades. Through lively depictions and a touch of kitschy art, he explores the rich culture and aesthetics of earlier times. Each work is a window into a lively and storied past, enriched by vibrant colors and an approach that blends the traditional with a contemporary perspective.